It’s Karma, Jim, but not as we know it …


Let’s do a little “Star Trekkin’ across the universe” back to the last post, LOL. There, I explained that the missions you plan to carry out on Earth are designed to help you learn lessons. They also enable you to experience all there is out there to experience, considering that your good self is a perfect slice of creation. It is important to say here that some experiences on Earth are had for the purpose of balancing out some karma, which will probably also be wrapped up in a mission. For instance, you may wonder why your mother is treating your naughty siblings like angels but when it comes to you, you and your ‘A’ grades at school were never good enough. In this instance, it’s quite possible you’re on the receiving end of some karmic debt you promised to balance out. You may have been her big brother in a previous life and always beat her up. You would have both agreed in this lifetime, that her being emotionally unavailable to you is the best way of you experiencing her “beating you up”, figuratively speaking. You may have planned this state of affairs so that it also became part of the “be assertive” mission you’re on. Karma is not payback in the nasty sense. Remember we come from a place of love, it’s just that this way you both get to understand either side of the one experience.

To recap, karma is not punishment for being rotten. Remember, there is no such thing as punishment. Karma is simply played out as a soul experience. What better way for souls to experience both sides of the one coin, than two souls being opposing actors in their respective scenarios. I want you to have a bit of a think about the relationships you are presently in and consider what your missions could be and/or what karma is being played out. These relationships are often found within your family, but may just as equally be an a relationship with a mere acquaintance or colleague. A difficult situation can be pretty cool when you look at it like that. You know, once you have learned a lesson, the designated perpetrator no longer serves a karmic purpose and magically disappears from your life. Hooray!

I want to make a further big distinction. Wow, this is complicated, isn’t it??? Your missions aren’t not your life’s purpose. During this lifetime, you also try to live your purpose whilst carrying out the missions and balancing some karma along the way. Living your purpose means doing that thing that makes your essence, the core of your very being, your soul, happy, contented and all warm and fuzzy. And importantly, it means NOT listening to that psycho of an ego of yours which is telling you that your purpose is to rule the world, enslaving all creatures great and small that attempt to thwart your goal! Do. Not. Listen. It’s a dirty little trickster! It’ll even trick you into thinking you have to spend your lifetime doing what pleases others. Fancy that?!!

Our life’s purpose is different for all of us, but it is based in creativity and service to others. And when I say “service” to others, the service comes from your choice to serve. For instance, you decide you want to spend your life working as a chocolatier. Yum! You love creating artful chocolates and your service to others comes from the delicious creations you sell. That’s the kind of service I am talking about. The kind that shares your fine talents. We are born creators, a natural observation seeing that we are just a mere snip off the Grand Creator, the Big Kahuna, the One … the all-knowing perfection of consciousness.  It is our job to create, experience and serve. Being true to your purpose makes you feel light as a feather and you just “know” that you are on the money. You feel full up inside; complete even. For instance, you might get this type of feeling when you’re crocheting a warm scarf for your mum, or even when you’re mowing the lawn. “What?  Mowing the lawn???”  Yes, some people are even fulfilling their purpose in obtaining a great satisfaction from cultivating their luscious lawn without a blade of grass out of place. It is all about creating something that others will appreciate.

Importantly, you know that you are not living your purpose when you feel plain miserable. You feel it right in your heart. It’s a heavy feeling. Sadly, a symptom of this can sometimes manifest in addictions. You are trying to fill the space with a temporary bit of pleasure that your true purpose should be fulfilling. I’ll expand on the notion of addiction arising from the lack of purpose another time. What I do need you to know right now is that you can actually be living true to your purpose, whilst tackling some tricky missions all the while balancing out some karma.

Now, just keep karma and carry on…

About The Author


My name is Virginia Warren. I am an accidental Lawyer in the sense that I did not plan for law to be my day job. I am also an accidental Yoga Teacher, in the true meaning of the word “accident”. My yoga has taken me on a fabulous journey of self discovery, so I am now well aware that there are no real accidents in the usual sense of the word. I am right where I am supposed to be at this point in my life and I am truly grateful for it.

I decided to refer to myself as the Zen Lawyer because, well, I like the word Zen….it sounds … Zen… (ahhhhh…)

I have learned a great deal about life through my own interesting experiences. By sharing my experiences and other fascinating things I have learned, I hope to inspire others to take the time to explore who they really are. In doing so I aim to encourage people to understand that each individual is valuable and here for a worthwhile purpose on this planet ~ especially at times when it appears that could not be further from their mind’s truth.

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