Your mission, should you choose to accept it … Part II

Following on, this post touches on the concept of why bad things happen to good people. I hear cries all the time of: “If there were a God, how could ‘he’ let this happen!”. Aside from the point I’ve made previously that the great “bloke” God, the finger pointing, all-smiting individual does not exist as such. The “boss” of the universe, is consciousness itself, and as you are a small piece of that consciousness, then it is you. You are the boss! Yay, great news! Oh, hang on, so am I…

For each lifetime that you choose to pop back onto this noble blue planet, you, as the fine boss of you that you are, will have previously set one or more fun lessons for yourself to learn. These lessons, or challenges, will occur all whilst trying to defeat that nasty little number called the human ego in the process. Tough gig!

For instance, you may want to learn to overcome that assertiveness issue you’ve been carrying around for the past 74 lifetimes. An oversimplified example of a way to master that issue, is for you to choose to be in an abusive marriage. To overcome your timidity, you have to outwit your ego as it will keep telling you that you are a door mat and that is all you will ever be. In this case, ego’s nature will fight you tooth and nail to bring you right back down into your door mat status every time. This is where the challenge comes in. It’s you – versus you. You versus your ego. There are two of you in there you know. Picture the cartoon with an angel on one shoulder and devil on the other. It’s a little like that. Anyway, and importantly, it’s not you versus your abuser, nor is it you versus the rest of humanity. Yes, you may have to defend yourself from time to time. But attacking anyone, including your good self, is not on. Ego is a major player in life’s quandaries. I will offer up some strategies for you to lovingly reign in that intruder in your head, in later posts.

In the example I’ve provided on learning to be assertive, once you can assert yourself, you have defeated that aspect of your ego and the challenge you set for this lifetime resolves. You win! For yourself. Mission accomplished. If you don’t learn from the challenge it will be back to visit you over and over via different abusers until you finally lick it! Please know that I am very serious when I say, it’s not okay to be abused. The abuser may remain in your life for other reasons and you should seek help. Getting help from others is part of the game also – it could be part of their mission to rescue the abused. What I am saying is often there is deeper meaning to why you might remain in the situation. It could be likely that the abuser is also trying to learn something, like defeating their own ego when it rises up to challenge them in their low self-esteem department. From what I have learned to date, this whole issue is highly complex and I am only touching briefly upon it to give you a heads up if you wish to explore the matter further. There is complex planning in the preparation of each of your missions. And rest assured, you do head bravely out into the wilderness with solid backup.  More on your reliable posse in a later post.

Recall I talked about your soul group, well they all have to agree on the role they are to play. So, in the first example I provided on the assertiveness lesson, you would have pre-planned when and where you were going to meet up with your spouse. This is a very intricate topic and one that you really need to get your head around. To better understand why and how we choose these challenges, along with examples of the lessons you might want to have learned, I can refer you to a book like to Robert Schwartz’s, “Your Soul’s Plan”. It really does need a whole book to give you better insight.

Also, I should let you know that your soul group often consists of people you have reincarnated with many times around. Some of those “delights”, especially the most difficult ones, are there as a major part of your mission. You can think to yourself, “Hi in there Aunty Flo, I remember you from lifetime number 576 and that whole cheesecake incident.” Those annoying people in your life are facing you smack bang, head on, with a lesson you have set for yourself. You planned it all. You definitely now have my permission to roll your eyes at that one! Okay, and then take a big sigh…acceptance is really a good thing at this point.


About The Author


My name is Virginia Warren. I am an accidental Lawyer in the sense that I did not plan for law to be my day job. I am also an accidental Yoga Teacher, in the true meaning of the word “accident”. My yoga has taken me on a fabulous journey of self discovery, so I am now well aware that there are no real accidents in the usual sense of the word. I am right where I am supposed to be at this point in my life and I am truly grateful for it.

I decided to refer to myself as the Zen Lawyer because, well, I like the word Zen….it sounds … Zen… (ahhhhh…)

I have learned a great deal about life through my own interesting experiences. By sharing my experiences and other fascinating things I have learned, I hope to inspire others to take the time to explore who they really are. In doing so I aim to encourage people to understand that each individual is valuable and here for a worthwhile purpose on this planet ~ especially at times when it appears that could not be further from their mind’s truth.

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