Your mission, should you choose to accept it … Part I


Now, where were we? What prompts you intelligent beings to leave bliss behind, go back through the veil of forgetfulness, just to revisit this hell on Earth? To play the game of course! You love this game, you get to conquer your missions and move through the levels. In this, and the next post, I will explain a little about the background behind having these missions and how you get yourself all frocked up for your short outings to Earth. I should remind you here that one lifetime is mighty short in the scheme of things. Then, in the following posts, I will delve into the how’s and why’s of your choices to get down and dirty as you roll your sleeves up to start work here on this planet. Yes, you do start out all shiny but it all thunders downhill from there … temporarily … and for good reason.

I’ll just take a little step to the right before I get going. I need you to understand that one of the best parts about your trips back to humanity, is that you usually incarnate with a bunch of your besties and these peeps are called your soul group. These are the ones who frequently show up as members of your current family and circle of friends. There may also be a cameo here and there from others when you least expect it. And … just to make it clear, you probably won’t recognise these peeps at all. So, when your brother is punching you in the head for the third time this week, or when you’re cranking up your music to drown out your parent’s incessant and pointless squabbling, remember these people are helping you, they love you deeply and have agreed to join you in your quest. You are now thinking about certain family members and are scratching your head with a look of: “No way!” Well, just hang in there, it all comes together a bit down the track.

Speaking of parents, remember I said that you chose those incessant squabblers? Back we go to my last post where I talk about little James Leininger, whom his shocked parents discovered was the reincarnation of World War II fighter pilot James Huston Jnr. Imagine his parent’s disbelief when James also told his father: “I knew you would be a good daddy, that’s why I picked you” and that he’d found them “In Hawaii, at the pink hotel, on the beach.” His father no doubt felt faint as James described his parents’ fifth wedding anniversary in detail, being five weeks before his wife fell pregnant. Awesome stuff!

So what are these missions and why do we have them? Well first, our missions are the things we want to achieve here on planet Earth, that, once successfully completed, allow us to proceed to the next level. Now, I have over-simplified that thing about “levels” just for gaming type illustration purposes. There are no such things as “levels”. Remember, I have told you we are all one. We are just different aspects of the one. This means I cannot be better, grander, or a snappier dresser than you, and you cannot look down on me because I have only completed two missions and you are up to your tenth. The idea is, succeeding in life’s missions helps us to raise our energetic vibration so that we get closer to a wonderful state known as ultimate bliss. I guess I could explain it in terms of lightness. For example, remember when you snuck out early Christmas morning and saw that shiny new pushbike under the tree? Well you thought all your Christmases had come at once, didn’t you? You were bursting with so much happiness that you thought you would explode, and you literally felt all light and floaty as you bounced (quietly) back to bed. That’s the kind of lightness I’m talking about. This is to be totally contrasted with the feeling you had when you found out that the bike was for your little brother! You felt “down in the dumps”, that heavy, sinking feeling, where bed looked like the best place to be for the rest of your life.  This “lightness index” (*wink*) works on a scale something like that, the more missions you succeed in, the lighter and more “woo-hoo” you become. You don’t just feel it … you become it.

To expand further on the lightness and ultimate bliss thing, let’s go back to where I talked about how consciousness, in its unquestionable perfection, wanted to get out of the house and start to live a little. To explain, I am going to get you to put your director’s hat on to create a clichéd little film in your head … “Action!” Open to image of fairy tale princess, cooped up in paradise. There she is, resplendent to be seen, sitting on her gold-braided, purple silk cushion, filing her nails whilst her servants bring her tea and chocolate cookies on a silver platter. Yes, the cookies needed to be chocolate and I probably should have added that the silver platter is diamond encrusted. Anyway, the central theme is this: Princess yawns and complains about her boring life whilst examining her perfect manicure. She breaks free from constraints of castle to see how other half lives using well-orchestrated plan, usually with pet – said pet representing the mature voice of reason. Princess meets bad boy and has some wild experiences. Princess realises her true nature and balks at now damaged manicure. Bad boy realises his true nature and becomes good boy. Good boy gets to live with Princess in paradise. Everyone, along with now miffed pet, gets to live happily ever after. Standard formula.

That my friends, is a parallel of your trip. Your essence, your soul, is an impeccably flawless piece of the mighty perfection that is called consciousness … I can actually see you shining from here! The perfection that is you, needs to get out and accumulate certain rather emotionally taxing and unpleasant experiences. You need to see how the “other half” lives. You, yes you, design these interesting life experiences to challenge yourself to see if you can remember who you are. You are on a quest to realise your true nature and experience the paradise of eternal bliss all while living through hell. The more levels you master, the more you are able to experience and complete the various aspects of your true self and the greater your bragging rights become. You can then say to the newer souls, “Yeah, been there done that … it was rough going but, you know, it was worth it”. You should see it when those newer souls just stand there and gape in awe of your added sparkle! Oh, and you have seen it actually … you’ve just forgotten.

About The Author


My name is Virginia Warren. I am an accidental Lawyer in the sense that I did not plan for law to be my day job. I am also an accidental Yoga Teacher, in the true meaning of the word “accident”. My yoga has taken me on a fabulous journey of self discovery, so I am now well aware that there are no real accidents in the usual sense of the word. I am right where I am supposed to be at this point in my life and I am truly grateful for it.

I decided to refer to myself as the Zen Lawyer because, well, I like the word Zen….it sounds … Zen… (ahhhhh…)

I have learned a great deal about life through my own interesting experiences. By sharing my experiences and other fascinating things I have learned, I hope to inspire others to take the time to explore who they really are. In doing so I aim to encourage people to understand that each individual is valuable and here for a worthwhile purpose on this planet ~ especially at times when it appears that could not be further from their mind’s truth.

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