Your mission, should you choose to accept it … Part I

  Now, where were we? What prompts you intelligent beings to leave bliss behind, go back through the veil of forgetfulness, just to revisit this hell on Earth? To play the game of course! You love this game, you get to conquer your missions and move through the levels. In this, and the next post, I will explain a little about the background behind having these missions and how you get yourself all frocked up for your short outings to Earth. I should remind you here that one lifetime is mighty short in the scheme of things. Then, in the…

Your mission

"Your mission, now you've chosen to accept it, is to bring heaven to Earth. You accomplish this once you remember how to connect with your inner truth."
Virginia Warren, The Zen Lawyer

“Yer not from ‘round ‘ere, are ya?”

  I mentioned previously that most of us cannot understand why bad things happen to good people. In fact, it is usually the reason people exclaim: “There is no God!” Fair enough. But what if I could give you a plausible reason as to why those nasty things happen? Well … you will need to take a seat, and a nice deep breath. Drum roll please …!! You planned for those things to happen – the good, the bad and the ugly!! Yep, you even planned for your stepmother to whack you with a wooden spoon for the things your sister did…

Our Life’s Purpose

"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them."
Dalai Lama

Love is a Four Letter Word

At least that’s what some of my Family Law clients say. Ah, yes, remember my “alter ego” has the day job of being a Lawyer. In the last post, I talked about love. Not just any kind of love, not the romantic stuff that makes retailers money (think Valentine’s day), not the erotic business (ooh… I didn’t think I’d go there) and not the heart-breaking kind my clients are referring to. In fact, I’m talking about the very fabric of the universe, the blank in the universal equation, the most phenomenally out of this…